History of the School

Madridejos Community College (MCC) was founded and created by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 006, Series of 2005 as the first local community college in Bantayan Island to blaze the trail of tertiary education in town. Its founder was the former municipal mayor of Madridejos, Hon. Lety V. Mancio. The school started its operation in June 2006 [Municipal Ordinance No. 003, Series of 2009].

The municipal resolution creating Madridejos Community College was passed by the members of the Sangguniang Bayan [SB], headed by the former Vice Mayor Hon. Virgilio A. Atienza, presiding officer; Hon. Delfin V. Santillan; Hon. Emelita M. Gabito; Hon. Randolph G. Rivera; Hon. Ricline C. Asenstista; Hon. Isaias F. Bacolod; Hon. Reynaldo R. Mansueto; Hon. Bernabe M. Compra, Sr.- ABC President Ex-Officio Member; Hon. Neil S. Mulle; and Hon. Owen G. Daruca, SK Federation President

In September 5, 2005, the Sangguniang Bayan, created the Interim Board of Trustees [IBT], with the following composition and members: Hon. Lety V. Mancio, Municipal Mayor and Chairperson of the Interim Board; Hon. Orlando L. Jubay, Member; Hon. Reynaldo R. Monsanto, Member; Mr. Bernardo D. Ysulan, Secondary School Principal of Madridejos National High School, Member; Ms. Serina S. Villacarlos, Elementary School Principal, Member; Mr. Gerardo G. Dadula, Faculty Member; Dr. Amelita V. Paradela, Non-Governmental Organization [NGO] Representative, Member; and Mr. Julito B. Cabahug, Non-Governmental Organization [NGO] Representative [Resolution No. 158, Series of 2005]

This College on the island of Bantayan, is located Northwest of Cebu. To reach Bantayan Island, one must travel by boat from Hagnaya Port in San Remigio to the port of the Municipality of Sta. Fe. From Sta. Fe, one must travel more than 22 kilometers to reach Madridejos, passing through the business center of the island, the Municipality of Bantayan. The town of Madridejos was originally called as “Lawis,” which means the endmost part of the island.


 Library users:


  Faculty, Staff, and Administrators


 Requirements to enter the MCC LRC
  College Users

   a. Validated Personal ID and Library Card

   b. Complete School Uniform (if applicable)

  Public Users

   Students, professionals, employees, civic organization members, out of school youth, may be allowed to enter the LRC upon presentation of I.D. or referral letters from their respective head. However, a prescribed Library Permit Fee shall be re quired in the amount of P50.00 per entry. Payment shall be made at the Cashier’s Office and the Official Receipt shall be submitted to the LRC for service. Strictly over night use of LRC materials is not allowed.


  The following general rules are to be observed when entering the LRC.

  • Observe silence. Idle conversation, loud laughter, and other unnecessary noise must be avoided.
  • In order not to annoy other LRC users, activities such as eating, sleeping, doing projects particularly for art education, accounting are str
  • Keep the LRC clean. Do not litter tables or floor with waste paper and others scraps. Use the wastebaskets provided for the purpose
  • Keep things in order. Push your chair under the table when you leave the LRC.
  • Handle books and other materials with great care. They are intended to serve many users.
  • No student should ever commit such acts as hiding or stealing books and other LRC properties, nor tearing out of pages, or mutilating them.
  • Books intended for use at the reading area only, must not be taken out from the LRC without the proper knowledge of the circulation in-charge.
  • Bags, folders, big envelope, overcoat, umbrella, etc. should be deposited at the control counter before entering the LRC.
  • Return catalog trays, books, periodicals and chairs to the proper places after using them. Do not pull-out catalog cards on the catalog trays
  • Repeated violation of LRC rules and misconduct is justification for the curtailment of the library privileges.
  • Proper attire. Every student should enter the LRC with proper attire. No wearing of slippers, shorts, sleeveless dresses and any cap or hat.
  • Respect. Every student should respect LRC property as well as each other’s right at all times. He/she should not write on notices nor take away posted information and announcement on the LRC Bulletin Board
  • A user shall seek written permission from the head librarian one day before using the LRC for an arranged service